Particular items are or may be ineligible for removal in a removal van. These items may be classified under the following categories:

  • Prohibited dangerous goods.
  • Plants (Certificate may be required).
  • Animals
  • Collections and special interest items. (depending on company policy)
  • Items in unclean condition.

You are required to understand company policy regarding these items. The following descriptions are minimum requirements regarding these items.

Prohibited Dangerous Goods

Some commodities cannot be accepted for transport by air, sea or road under general conditions. The following, in their classes, are a few examples.

Class 1: Explosives

1. Ammunition
2. Flares
3. Fireworks
4. Black powder

Class 2: Flammable gases

1. Oxygen
2. Acetylene
3. L.P.G.
4. Methane

Class 3: Flammable liquids

1. Petrol
2. Paints
3. Turpentine
4. Methylated spirits

Class 4: Flammable solids

1. Matches
2. Magnesium
3. Phosphorous
4. Firelighters

Class 5: Oxidising substances

1. Calcium Hypochlorite
2. Ammonium Nitrate
3. Sodium Nitrate
4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Class 6: Poisonous and toxic substances

1. Pesticides
2. Weed killers
3. Photographic developers
4. Arsenic

Class 8: Corrosive substances

1. Oxides
2. Caustic Soda
3. Hydrochloric acid
4. Sulphuric acid

Class 9: Miscellaneous

1. Scuba tanks
2. Gas cylinders
3. Aerosol cans
4. Explosive devices

NOTE: Gas cylinders can not be carried, empty or full

Animals and Plants

As a general rule, animals and plants such as domestic fowls, livestock, pot plants, shrubs, etc., cannot be accepted for transport in a removal vehicle.

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