Relocating, especially over long distances, often comes with unpredictable schedules regarding the availability of your new home. We provide a comprehensive range of secure storage options at our Noosa Storage Centre tailored to meet both short-term and long-term needs. Our facilities ensure the safety and preservation of your items under all conditions, featuring robust protection against weather, pests, and theft with advanced security measures.

Our services are particularly beneficial in situations such as local, interstate or International relocations, which frequently necessitate temporary or long term storage solutions. Our Noosa-based removal and storage services simplify this transition, offering containerized storage solutions to avoid expensive and unnecessary double handling.

Note that we only offer storage as part of our removals service – we do not offer self-service storage.

NO double handling.

Using containers and modular storage reduces the handling of your goods by HALF!

We use forklift-able storage containers, so if you don’t need access to your goods, then moving and storing your goods in containers makes real sense – particularly if you need to store your goods in between moving from one residence to another.

Why use Noosa Van Lines

Handling furniture carefully and safely is what we do…our team are highly skilled and professional, earning us a reputation that is second to none. Since 1981.

Our new Noosa Storage Centre is conveniently located in Noosaville; at 3 Production Street.

We use the latest methods, equipment and facilities, all designed to make sure your items are returned to you in the same condition as they were when we packed them.

We select the containers and modules that best suit your needs

…all provide an efficient, safe and clean solution.

A special area is provided within our warehouse for larger items and those we consider best individually wrapped and stored separately for protection…such as lounges.

A quick search of our reviews will give you peace of mind; whether that is for storage or for removals – our approach is the same.

We can take care of everything for you.

We will take time to understand your Noosa storage requirements and recommend the container option that best suits your needs.

  • Timber storage modules – stored within our secure warehouse. READ MORE >>
  • 20’ High Cube Shipping Containers – stored on hardstand within our secure
    premises.

We will do all the work for you…in four simple steps.

  1. We load our container/module at your place. (We can also supply packing materials and pack your boxes for you if you wish).
  2. We forklift this container/module off at our secure storage centre.
  3. We forklift this container/module back onto our truck for delivery to you.
  4. We unload this container/module at your new residence.

We use only professional methods for packing, transport and storage…our team are skilled and experienced, they will make sure your items are safely stacked and stored; using our heavy-duty blankets and heavy duty plastic to wrap, protect and secure ‘non-boxed’ items (as necessary), within each container or module.

…and of course, we handle your goods 50% less than if they were being stored in units or sheds.

We provide you with the highest levels of care, professionalism, communication and reliability…we have been doing this in Noosa since 1981.

We can arrange transit and storage insurance cover for you if you wish.  

We provide you with a fixed price quote including all elements of your move – packing, transport, storage and insurance. Once agreed you can rely on us to complete everything outlined in your quote, to the highest of standards.

Noosa Storage and Packing Supplies

Whether you are packing yourself or getting us to do it all for you…we have a large stock of packing materials including cartons, tape and paper, picture packs, lamp shade cartons, porta robes, Zorbs (moisture absorbing sachets), tissue paper, plastic covers for mattresses, lounges and chairs and international wrap.

This all adds up to making your storage EASY and STRESS FREE…whilst reducing the risk of damage in transit AND whilst in storage.

For our storage prices or to request a quote today or give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Storage and Packing Tips

Time and Money Savers

  • Use standard removal cartons for your kitchenware and linen and book cartons for books, CDs or DVDs, wine and heavy items.
  • Pack one carton labelled “Priority carton” with all the things you will need first in your new home such as bed legs, wardrobe keys, tea, coffee, kettle, TV remote controls and screwdrivers or other tools needed to assemble furniture.

Fragile Kitchenware

  • Pack fragile items with plenty of scrunch paper, ensuring the carton is full to the top. Mark the carton fragile for top loading.
  • Use packing paper and not newspaper to avoid having to wash each item when unpacking.

Soft Furnishings

  • Include mothballs or naphthalene when packing linen and clothing for storage as this will deter silver fish and cockroaches. The use of portable wardrobes will reduce ironing when you unpack.
  • Vacuum food crumbs from lounges and furniture, paying special attention to under lounge seat cushions as crumbs will attract vermin.
  • Place your mattresses and (non-leather) lounges in heavy duty plastic covers to keep them clean and fresh. Treat leather lounges and cover with cotton covers.

Entertainment Equipment

  • Prepare your equipment by removing all cords and cables and mark the cable and socket for easy reconnection. Pack all components in dust proof bags and stack into cartons surrounded by scrunch paper.
  • TV’s and computer monitors are heavier on the screen side. If placing them in a carton mark the glass side very clearly to assist with handling.
  • Plasma TV’s must not have any pressure on the screen, so if you don’t have the original carton and packing, speak to us about a custom built crate.


  • Thoroughly clean and dry fridges and freezers including drip trays. Place a Zorb moisture absorber inside the appliance to maintain freshness and store with the door open.
  • Do not store anything in your whitegoods as it may mark the shelves and linings.
  • Empty water out of washing machine hoses, disconnect and place in machine for safe keeping.
  • Remove your microwave plate and pack it on its edge in a fragile carton.

Lawn Mowers, Machinery and Tools

  • Drain fuel and oil from all machinery, clean any leakages and empty the catcher.
  • Dispose of all flammable and hazardous goods including paint, chlorine, fuels and gas bottles. Clean the BBQ drip tray.

 Office files or Business Records

  • If you are storing office files or business records, Noosa Storage Centre can custom make shelving to suit your needs.
Timber Shipping Modules

Timber Shipping Modules

Storage using timber modules

They have been specially designed for use in the Removals + Storage industry:

  • They are made of plywood.
  • Their dimensions are: L 2.4m x W 1.8m x H 2.62m
  • They can hold up to 10 cubic meters of furniture and personal effects (an average house will use around 3 – 4 modules)
  • They are forklift-able.
  • We use canvas covers to protect them whilst in transit.
  • We store them undercover within our dry, clean and security monitored warehouse.
  • They are well sealed, making them dust and vermin proof.

Storage Container

Storage Container

Container Storage

New 20’ high cube containers – custom built to our specifications:

  • Internal Dimensions – L 5.9m x W 2.352m x H 2.68m.
  • They can store up to 36 cubic meters of furniture and personal effects.
  • Constant airflow provided by multiple air-vents.
  • Timber lined.
  • Fitted with tie rails to aid safe and secure storage within the container.
  • They are well sealed, making them dust, weather and vermin proof.
  • We store them outside, on concrete hardstand at our premises in Noosaville.
  • They are forklift-able.