The following article appeared in Edition 75 of Business Matters Magazine, published and distributed on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is the first of a number articles written personally by myself, Greg Bee, Director of Noosa Van Lines.

It is put forward as a personal view point, with an intention to help.

The approach in this and future articles is very simple, the strength is in the depth of understanding and the level of true commitment in its implementation. I intend to expand upon each of the individual components of the I CARE acronym in future articles.

I Care Matters

Care matters, we all know this is true when we are dealing with someone who genuinely cares about the service they are providing and on the flip side when someone clearly doesn’t. We experience a distinct difference when working with or employing someone who truly cares about their job, their organisation and their customers and someone who doesn’t.

Care is not something that can be faked, although people try, it is either present or it’s not – we can generally feel if it’s genuine. The thing about care is that it benefits everyone involved. Desired outcomes are much more likely to be achieved or at least a greater understanding gained of what is required to achieve it.

So if the ‘payoff’ is so high why don’t we experience it all the time, in every business and in every interaction that we have. From my perspective, the reason is largely because as humans we often lose sight of what we truly care about. Negativity, limiting beliefs and thoughts can have us caring about less important things.

For instance we want to give someone some constructive feedback, with an intention to help and bring about change. BUT we don’t want conflict, we worry about what other people think, there might be a lack of confidence, a fear of failure or a belief that we can’t or don’t know what to do. If we then decide not to do it or put it off, in that moment we are caring more about these things than we do about our original positive intention for change. Which if looked at deeply, generally ends up with negative outcomes and feelings for everyone involved, the direct opposite to when there is genuine care present for the ‘bigger picture’ outcome.

These are challenges we all face in life, with varying degrees of success, so how do we help create a business that genuinely cares.

The starting point if you want change is you, whether you are a business owner, manager, employee or contractor you can take the first step…as soon as you do, change has commenced.

In my opinion there is probably no more powerful ingredient in business…and in life, for that matter than I care…for someone, an experience and/or something I want to create, change or improve.

If there is something you want to create, change or improve maybe this will be of some help to you.

Intention a statement of intent, created from care, driven by a decision and powered by willingness

Clarity of what is truly important to you and what is getting in the way now

Alignment align your intentions, words and actions with what you truly care about

Responsibility take responsibility, in every moment, to be the change

Energy it will no doubt take practice, perseverance and energy

It is often best to start with simple steps; making sure not to let any BUTS stop you. You may want to seek some backing and support and enlist others in the cause. Often people are waiting for someone else to start.

Go well.


Greg is a Director of Noosa Van Lines and a Leadership Mentor. He has held a number of senior management roles, culminating in 10 years as a Group General Manager in one of Australia’s largest companies with a divisional work force of over 6500 employees. He is passionate about helping people win in business and in life and in helping develop leaders with this approach.

Through my personal experience and in working with others, a major factor in moving forward and creating change (or not) is how effective we are at letting go of limiting beliefs. The most powerful statement I have come across to emphasis this is a quote attributed to Henry Ford, which says:

“If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right”.

A good point to contemplate for anything you currently have on your radar for change.

It can certainly shift your focus from reasons or excuses not to, to finding options to pursue the desired change…and of course if at first you don’t succeed try, try again. The key thing, if you truly care about something, is to be in action, who knows where your first step may lead.
A much more effective strategy than giving up before you start.